For the fashion-forward, Tailor House provides easy and reliable tailoring and garment reconstruction services.

Our team is dedicated to honoring personal style and delivering the perfect fit so clients always look and feel their best.

We have worked in factories, laundromats, and apprenticed with tailors, designers and manufacturers to learn the trade. We have researched our craft learning from the founders of our industry how to define excellence in fashion.

We built Tailor House on the virtues of craftsmanship.

We tailor and repurpose authentic pieces that mean something when you put them on. Tailor House reminds the industry that it is indeed a privilege to dress in quality and style.

We consciously navigate over consumerism and recommend purchasing retail garments constructed with quality over quantity.

At Tailor House we support the new textiles community by saving garments through recycling, reconstruction and up-design alterations.

According to the circular fibers initiative, "more than $500 billion of value is lost every year due to clothing under-utilization and the lack of recycling... this take-make-dispose model has numerous negative environmental and societal impacts."

At Tailor House, we believe in the circle economy of shopping your closet and encourage communities to consider the environment.

Wabi Sabi, Confidence is the most important thing to wear.

When you look good, We look good.

Be you.

Ashley Liemer
Founder, Creative Director